Prudence Capital practices an active, thorough and serious approach to trading securities on all foreign stock exchanges. We have years of experience behind us and excellent results in this area. Also, we have been recognized by our clients both for domestic trade activities and corporate and financial services. Thanks to our cooperation with renowned custody banks and access to the most respectable broker platform in the world (Bloomberg), we can handle your trade orders promptly, responsibly and always to your advantage.

  • Trading stocks on foreign stock exchanges (AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, XETRA, EUREX, EURONEXT etc.)
  • Trading stocks/bonds on the Belgrade Stock Exchange and the OTC market
  • Trading in treasury securities and bonds on primary and secondary markets
  • Buying and selling of restitution bonds
  • Financial analyses at the client’s request
  • Activities concerning the development of the public offering for registration and payment of capital stock during the primary public offering
  • Activities related to the capital-raising

We offer services to legal entities that issue financial instruments (FI), primarily public joint-stock companies, since trading in FI is subject to complex regulations which govern the capital market:

  • Administering issuer account and the shareholder register
  • Keeping the information sheet on the Belgrade Stock Exchange up-to-date
  • Publication of annual/semi-annual business reports and occasional information
  • Issue and registration of FI on the stock exchange with or without the prospectus
  • Split, conversion and exchange of FI
  • Forced redemption of shares and buyout of non-consenting shareholders
  • Public takeover bid
  • Acquisition/disposal/cancellation of treasury shares
  • Payout of dividends/coupons
  • Delisting from the stock exchange and deletion from the companies register
  • Removal, cancellation and deregistration of financial instruments from the Central Registry