Our investment principles

To ensure an easier understanding of our concept concerning how we work with clients who wish to invest in foreign securities, it is important to know the following:

  • The clients who wish to invest with us must open foreign currency trade accounts in a domestic bank that is a member of the leading European banking group.
  • Prudence Capital does not handle clients’ funds. The client provides a Brokerage Contract to the Bank to inform it that Prudence Capital will issue buy/sell orders. Prudence Capital and the bank do not have other opportunities to handle the clients’ money.
  • If the client needs to withdraw part or all of the funds available on its account, this can be done on the spot! For the part of funds that are tied to stocks, the sale order is issued and processed immediately, and the stock exchange pays the money to the client’s bank account within 48 hours.

Products to be invested in

  • Even though a minimum investment amount is not defined, the company’s profile declares that the company is not oriented to highly speculative products and clients who expect to earn an entire fortune with a small investment.
  • We do not open demo accounts and we do not offer CFD or FX contracts, margin agreements, etc. According to statistics, 50-80% of investors in these products lose all their money in 6 months.
  • Futures and options are traded only using our own funds and for our own account (dealer activities).

In more detail:

Stocks YES
Bonds YES
Commodities YES (through relevant ETFs)
Gold YES (through relevant ETFs)
Oil YES (through relevant ETFs)
Cryptocurrencies YES (through relevant ETFs)
FX pairs NO
Options NO
Short selling NO