Notices for shareholders and former shareholders concerning dividend pay-out and forced redemption of shares

BDD Prudence Capital a.d. Beograd hereby informs its former shareholders, who have not yet received the money from the forced redemption of shares of the following companies/issuers:

Diva Trade ad Valjevo, TP Srbija ad Kragujevac, Bazar ad Novi Sad, Energoprojekt Visokogradnja ad Beograd, Zvezda Helios ad Gornji Milanovac, Ishrana ad Smederevo, Topola ad Banatska Topola, Alfa Plam ad Vranje, Pekabeta ad Beograd, Sloboda ad Kruševac, Danubius ad Novi Sad, Jedinstvo ad Apatin, Podunavlje ad Apatin, Deva ad Kruševac, C Market ad Beograd,

to contact us by dialling the phone number 011/6149-340 or via email: to receive necessary information concerning documentation required to be submitted for the pay-out of funds deposited with BDD Prudence Capital.
Likewise, we would like to inform former and current shareholders who have not yet collected the money they are entitled to under the dividend pay-out from the following issuers:

Alfa Plam ad Vranje, Bambi ad Požarevac, Jaffa ad Crvenka, Tipoplastika ad Gornji Milanovac, Napredak ad Stara Pazova, Beteks ad Beograd, Energoprojekt Energodata ad Beograd, Beoturs ad Beograd, Energoprojekt Visokogradnja ad Beograd, TP Srbija ad Kragujevac, Impa Zemun ad Zemun, Danubius ad Novi Sad, Beogradelektro ad Beograd, Star Tamiš ad Pančevo, Avala Ada ad Beograd,

to get in touch using the phone number and email provided in order to receive payment of the deposited funds. We remain at your disposal for any additional information.